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There Will Be Weddings!

The Duchess of Inveray, Roxanne Campbell, is determined to marry off her nieces the Douglas Sisters and step-daughters, the Flambeau Sisters, and every other young lady in London she takes under her wing.
Meanwhile, Roxanne's husband, the Duke of Inveraray,y Magnus Campbell, wishes his brilliant, beautiful nieces and daughters would behave a little less like his willful Duchess and more like proper debutantes. At least until he can safely walk them down the aisle and finally breathe a sigh of relief.

Potential husbands? An endless supply of Princes from the Kazanov Family along with several Earls, Marquesses, and Marquises (including a few Highlanders) will do just fine.

All Of Patricia Grasso's Regency Historical Novels are connected but can be read and enjoyed as stand-alone novels. Although, once you read one Patricia Grasso book, you'll want to read them all. 

The Douglas Sisters - Angelica, Samantha, and Victoria are taken under the wing of their Aunt Roxie who intends to see them marry well and marry for love. 

The Flambeau Sisters -  (seven to be exact) include Fancy, Belle, Blaze, Bliss (first set of twins),  Serena and Sophia (second set of twins), and Raven (the youngest). They are the illegitimate daughters of Magnus Campbell and Roxie cannot wait to find them their perfect matches!

The Kazanovs - There are too many to count! There are four Kazanov brothers and several Kazanov cousins who figure prominently in the lives of the Campbell Clan.
The Scottish Highlander contingent may be far less numerous but just as memorable and romantic.

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